Tuesday, June 22, 2010

The Family

Our Little Family!!

She has really started to discover her little fingers and LOVES to put them in her mouth

She is hard to get a smile on camera, but here are some that ew got of our beautiful girl

At it Again

Even though it is still somewhat cooler here, Brian and Chris are Kayaking

Happy Fathers Day

Liberty LOVES her dad!!

Tuesday, June 8, 2010

The garden....

Well we are doing the Community Garden again, but this time we have enlisted some help from our friends!!

Lib's first camp out

Part of our camp. Kandance brought a projector so we were able to watch a movie the night that it did not rain. As you cam see in the back ground the camp trailer where Kandace and I slept with our babies :) We stayed warm

LIberty and me just hanging out by the camp fire

We all went on a little hike to the water fall and then of course it rained.... but it was nice while it lasted

Our little "bear" you can tell she loved the suit, but it sure did keep her warm :)

Carson, Liberty and Jaxson did very well not waking each other up throughout the night :) and for a while Carson and Liberty started holding hands..... and it already begins