Thursday, February 25, 2010


Here is Allison and Me at her baby shower, she is due on march 23rd. Her husband fly with Chris. It has been so fun beign Preggo with friends

28 weeks

One of my co-workers got this shirt for me and I thought that it was pretty funny

Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Counting down the days

Well I am 28 and 1/2 weeks and feeling it!! I am still working and all the kids in my class keep telling me that I need to get the baby out!! and that we need to come up with a name!! :) Well yesterday I went to the Dr. and she told me that it looks like I could be one of the Lucky ones that gets to go over the due date!! ahhhh!!! Well last night I had the privalige of being up all night with contractions. yes they have started and started strong!!! I go to the Dr again on tuesday and she said that she will try and help things out, but I think that she might have already!! but we shall see.