Thursday, October 22, 2009

IT'S A.........

I finally took a picture of me, and i am 20 weeks and 4 days!!! The belly is coming.....

Well we went to the Dorctors and the 90% guess is that it look like a girl!!! We have watched the DVD that they gave us of the ultra sound and it is so fun for Chris to see how much the baby moves!! She had a hard time getting the baby to be still, she is a mover!!! BUT i LOVE IT!! Well I will post some pics later but for now, I made some rice krispy treat with pink hearts for Chris and I to talk to work when we told everyone!!

Sunday, October 18, 2009


Well this is the week that we have been waiting for and after much much thought and debate we have decided to find out the sex!! This Picture was taken at 11 weeks and 4 days.... and on Saturday i hit 20 week and go to the Doctor on Thursday!! Also I have been feeling the baby move quite often and Chris is now able to fell him/her move too and that has been so exciting for the both of us!! We are slowly gathering things for the baby and last week we bought a car seat and stroller. We like it OK, but might keep looking. Also names..... It's fun making lists and we seem to do that every day almost, but what a lot of pressure. Well more to come on the Sex of the baby!! ANY GUESSES?????

Monday, October 12, 2009

Helicopter Ride

My mom and dad came to visit and we decided to go on a helicopter ride! it was pretty fun and my mom said that she was very impressed with Chris's flying!

My birthday!!

For some reason I have not had the craving for cake and ice cream, so Chris got me some cookies for my cake

We ate dinner at Red Robin and Yes the bird came out to wish me a happy birthday!

Here are some if our IF friends! and you see five of us girls and four of us are Pregnant!! and three of us all in the month of MARCH!!

In our little four-plex their was a lot of birthdays in the month September so we all decided to have a BBQ!