Saturday, July 9, 2011

random updates and the fourth!!!

watching the fireworks and remembering that last year we were in Idaho and i was in sweat pant and a sweatshirt. and here in MO it was still 90 degrees.... i love the midwest!!!!
chris and i went up again without libby, there were plenty of volunteers to watch her
finally after the rides and the firework show, she fell asleep at about 11:30, even thought the fireworks went well until after midnight
here is a pic of all three of us, as you can tell the flash was not on. Libby loved the ride and we had all the doors off and she loved the wind in her face!!!
lights over the strip in Branson, while watching the firework from the sky

we love going to the pool, the city pool has toddler time and it is way cheap and way fun for her to swim with the other babies. we go a couple times a week :)
my computer has died on me so i have to start using the MAC and so i don't know who to change the pic to upright. until i figure it out, you will just have tilt you head

She knows when here dad puts on his red shirt, he is going to work so one morning i found her trying to put it on instead. she wore it all morning and did not want to take it off!!!
But mostly she loves driving!!!
She LOVES playing with her dad!!!

We go to this play group and she love to ride in the car. her legs are to short to move herself, so that has become my job

She loves to eat, but you would not know because she still does not weight 20 lbs and she is 16 months old :)