Sunday, January 3, 2010

Great Wolf Lodge

Steve and baby Cash just taking a nap by the pool

there was a huge bucket that would drop water and somehow chris talked me into getting cold water dumped on me. my nephew was supposed to come but ran away before it dumped

here are some of the slides. they were pretty fun, well at least the ones that i was able to do

i thought that being preggo during the winter would be great, meaning, that i would never go swimming, but my parents decided that for New Years they would take the family to an indoor waterpark in texas. it was a lot of fun but the water was a little bit chilly

little Aubrey had a pretty good time playing with the grandparents in the kiddie area

and so did Corbin

me and chris

baby shower

At my bridal shower, wedding, and now baby shower I always request hot chocolate, they always end up being in the winter, so why not

My sister never calls herselt creative but she did a good job on the diaper cake!!

two of my best froends from high school Jillian and Priscilla. It was so fin to see them especially bc Priscilla is moving to CA this week!!

The girls. While I was home for the Holidays my sister and sister-in-law and two of my best friends from high school decided to have a baby shower form me.