Saturday, May 7, 2011

busy week

My sister and her 2 kids and my mom came up fpr a few days and of course we shopped :)

I think that we may have done a bit more shopping then the kids could handel :)

Chris holding Lib and Lay-Lay (What sweet cousins)

I LOVED playing in the foam blocks

and just running around!!

there was so much stuff to see

I love hanging on the bars

I Love swimming


Tim, Rachel and our girls said...

So fun! And Liberty just could not get any more beautiful!!!

Aimee and Jared said...

Jules, I miss you. I can't believe how grown up Liberty is getting. Have you left to MO, yet?

Sarah said...

Too much fun! we miss you guys! Hope your liking your new place!

KELLI said...

Hey there! Wow Liberty is growing up so fast. She is so cute. Looks like you had fun with your mom and sister. Hope all is well. I wish you guys could have been at Ariel's homecoming. Miss you guys!